Wytheville's Science Fiction & Fandom Convention | July 26-28, 2019
February 21, 2018

WyvaCon 2018 Gaming


WyvaCon 2018 will be a great place to game. Multiple stations and vendors will be setup to facilitate your gaming fix. Board games, RPGs, video games, LARPs, and more will be available for all attendees to experience.

Gaming events scheduled for WyvaCon 2018 include:

Magic the Gathering Tournament WarHammer 40k Tournament Star Wars Legion Mini Game
Magic the Gathering
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Warhammer 40k
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Star Wars Legions
Mini Game Demo
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Wythe E-Sports Lounge will be bringing some VR systems.


Fancy yourself a Game Master? Want to share your GM talents at WyvaCon 2018? Apply using the Game Master Form.


Also, we will be giving away multiple copies and expansions of Pi The Chess Game of the 21st Century.



wyvacon-gaming-nightCome join us, at The Cellar, for table top gaming and a great time!
Check out our gaming library or bring you own. This event is for guests 18 years and older.

Cost is $5 per person.

Adult beverages available.

Tickets may be purchased online or at the door.


The Game Night gaming library will include…