January 29, 2018

WyvaCon 2018 Guests

WyvaCon 2018 Authors

Rick GualtieriBill the Vampire

Author Guest of Honor

Rick Gualtieri


Rick Gualtieri lives alone in a dark, evil place called New Jersey with only his wife, three kids, and countless pets to both keep him company and constantly plot against him. When he’s not busy monkey-clicking out words, he can typically be found jealously guarding his collection of vintage Transformers from all who would seek to defile them – Defilers Beware!



Kim Iverson Headlee

Kim Iverson Headlee lives on a farm in southwestern Virginia with her family, cats, goats, Great Pyrenees goat guards, someone else’s cattle, half a million honey bees, and assorted wildlife. People and creatures come and go, but the cave and the 250-year-old house ruins—the latter having been occupied as recently as the midtwentieth century—seem to be sticking around for a while yet.
Kim has been an award-winning, critically acclaimed novelist since 1999 with the first edition of Dawnflight (Sonnet Books, Simon & Schuster) and has been studying the Arthurian legends for nigh on half a century. Her most recent full-length fiction release, King Arthur’s Sister in Washington’s Court by Mark Twain as channeled by Kim Iverson Headlee, won the 2016 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Gold Medal for Science Fiction and Fantasy and was hailed as “solidly entertaining” by Publishers Weekly.


Paul Dellinger

Paul Dellinger

Although a life-long science FICTION fan, Paul Dellinger’s first book was non-fiction, although it sounded like fiction: DON’T LOOK UP! was co-authored with Danny B. Gordon, and focused on a UFO flap that occurred in Wytheville in the late 1980s. He had published short stories before that in magazines and anthologies; some of those are collected in MR. LAZARUS AND OTHER STORIES. He and Mike Allen collaborated on a short booklet with aliens in the old west, THE SKY-RIDERS, and THE SECRET INVASION is set at a Roanoke SF convention infiltrated by someone from Out There. He wrote a comedy-drama radio series that ran for a couple of years over Wytheville’s station, THE ADVENTURES OF HAP HAZARD, and had a play, RAT RACE, performed at Barter Theatre.


Loretta Lynn

Loretta Lynn

Reading and writing are two of Lori’s strongest passions in life and she’s finally found a way to bring them to life. Reviewing books and writing books seem to go hand in hand together, and she believes that they strengthen each other. Aside from those, she enjoys playing video games, learning from Bob Ross and spending time with her dog and two cats. She hopes one day to make an actual career out of her artistic passions. Lori currently resides with her boyfriend and animals in Pulaski, VA.

Other WyvaCon 2018 Guests


501st Legion

Members of 501st Legion will be once again be helping us raise money.  They will be set up in Smyth Hall’s main hallway at Wytheville Community College. Attendees can make a financial donation or donate a book and take their picture with the 501st, using one of their backdrops. All proceeds will go to support the mission of WyvaCon, INC.



FlabbergastFlabbergast Banner

Flabbergast the Wizard

Mark MacDicken

Professional family entertainer for four decades, Mark MacDicken performs comedy magic as the eccentric wizard Flabbergast. Mark is also an accomplished actor, puppeteer, and balloon sculptor. When he’s not dressing up in costumes and playing with his toys, Mark works in elementary school special education. He lives in Northern Virginia with his wife April. Flabbergast will be performing close up magic at his table located in the main hall at the Wytheville Meeting Center and will be hosting the kid’s costume contest and hosting a Steampunk Jamboree panel.


White Plectrum

White Plectrum

The king of filking, White Plectrum, will once again grace WyvaCon attendees with his unique brand of entertainment and audience engagement. Often joined on stage by Michael Kazalski, formerly of Coyote Run, White Plectrum says “Come out and give a listen. I may even have music to sell, if you want. Either way, I hope you enjoy the show. I promise I’ll do my best. Who knows, I might even get you to sing along!”


Jeremy AmblerJeremy Ambler

Jeremy Ambler

Jeremy Ambler is SAG Eligible Actor And Featured Movie Extra known for his role as a Featured Walker on AMC’s The Walking Dead / Season 2 / Episodes 1 and 13. He has also worked with many legends in the biz in movies including The Town That Dreaded Sundown, The Road, Child of God, just to name a few. He can also be seen in Choices and the upcoming Netflix TV Series The Haunting Of Hill House.


The Conner Sisters

The Conner Sisters

The Conner Sisters have always been involved in everything that is paranormal which promoted them to start their own group in 2010, the Sisters of Salem, then on to the comical side of the Paranormal with their radio show The Paranormal Party. It only seemed the logic step would be to go to film now! They are combining all this into a big ball of information, Paranormal and fun in what they like to call “The Conner Chronicles”.
The sisters are airing their first episode at Wyvacon! Be the first to watch it and talk to the Sisters about all the behind the scenes info on the Chronicles!


Black Diamond Paranormal

Black Diamond Paranormal

Rodney Shortridge is a former/retired coal miner, printer and long-haul truck driver. He has been interviewed by local and national media on the paranormal. Rodney appeared on A&E’s Biography Channel “My Ghost Story” in 2011 & was interviewed about the Historic Pocahontas Cemetery. He is host of Within the Chaos on Blogtalkradio / The Vibe Radio Network. Member of IMDb professional entertainment credits photographer, graphic artist, actor, executive producer, prop master, technical consultant, honorary entertainment, event speaker. He founded Historic Pocahontas Haunted Walking Tours. He is a board Member of the Historic Pocahontas Inc., a community leader, a member of paranomralsocieties.com & a member of the haunting paranormal society network.


The Southern Gypsies

The Southern Gypsies

The Southern Gypsies are an eclectic troop of talented psychic mediums and healers. These women all come from long lineages of magical ancestry dating back to the Celts, Shamans of Native Americans, etc. The Southern Gypsies have an array of mystical talents including the ability to foresee the future through divination of Psychic Mediumship, Tarot Cards, Tasseography, Psychometry, etc. They are gifted intuitive healers who offer spiritual, emotional and physical healing. These psychically and magically talented women have many years of experience and offer magical workshops and séances, as well as healing sessions and psychic readings (one on one and Gallery Readings). They help people as they travel to different locations but always return home to the Nickerson Snead House.
Join in their panel as they talk about their gifts and the many different types of readings; from healers to tea leaf readers, all the way to tarot card readers.


Mean Caimans

The Mean Caimans

The Mean Caimans are a FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) team located at Southwest Virginia Community College, in Cedar Bluff, Virginia. The team is made up of students from Richlands, Tazewell, Twin Valley, Honaker, Ridgeview, in Virginia and James Monroe High School in West Virginia. Each season the team is presented with a game challenge that they must design, build and program a robot in a 6 week period. This year, in the team’s rookie FRC season, the Caimans advanced to the World FRC Championship in Detroit by winning the Rookie All-Star award at the FIRST Chesapeake District Championship. The team traveled to Detroit at the end of April where they competed against over 400 teams from around the World. They finished in the top half of their division! For more information about the Mean Caimans or FIRST Robotics, please emailbrandon.honaker@sw.edu.


More guests to be announced soon!