Wytheville's Science Fiction & Fandom Convention | July 26-28, 2019
May 10, 2018

WyvaCon Volunteer Information

WyvaCon 2019 Volunteer Agreement Form

Thank you for consenting to be a WyvaCon volunteer! This convention wouldn’t be possible without you. We do have certain expectations from all our staff & volunteers.

What WyvaCon, INC expects from you as a volunteer:

  • Arrive on time (if you are unable to make it or you will be late, please notify one of our staff via our WyvaCon Facebook page or via phone: 1-276-492-8929
  • You will be asked to work at least 4 hours.
  • You may request certain times & days to work and be available.
  • When you arrive, please stop by registration and pick up your badge.
  • Volunteer badges will be located at the Wytheville Meeting Center
  • All volunteers are expected to sign in, prior to volunteering, and sign out when finished.
  • Sign in sheets can be found at the registration table.
  • If you are volunteering at the Wytheville Meeting Center, the registration table is located right inside the main entrance. If you are volunteering at the college, the registration table will be located right inside the main entrance of Smyth Hall.
  • All volunteers are expected to adhere to all WyvaCon, INC., Wytheville Community College Campus & Wytheville Meeting Center policies.
  • A complete outline of policies can be found on our Policies page.
  • We ask that you not wear clothing that might offend convention members, Wytheville Community College staff & students & Wytheville Meeting Center staff.
  • Try to be helpful & polite. Most of all, have fun!

What you can expect from WyvaCon, INC staff:

  • You will be provided a WyvaCon badge for the day(s) you are volunteering
  • Please wear your badge while volunteering
  • Badges must be worn to attend panels and other activities
  • A badge will allow you access to all panels & free activities on campus & at the Wytheville Meeting Center
  • All volunteers will be provided drinks
  • All volunteers will receive a WyvaCon t-shirt

Scott Martin is our volunteer coordinator. You can expect him to reach out to you regarding volunteer meetings and additional information.

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